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Aeroplane Plays Crash Message By Mistake

Bet the queue for the toilet was pretttty long

Aeroplane Plays Crash Message By Mistake
16 January 2012

Although we’re not supposed to admit it – being attentive and safety conscious travellers and all that - most in-flight announcements are so dull and repetitive we just zone out.

However, we’re fairly sure we’d be spooked out of our chinos if, when travelling from Miami to London last Friday night, say, the following message made its way over the airwaves: ‘This is an emergency, we will be shortly making an emergency landing on water.’

Thought that would grab your attention. As it did passengers on board the very British Airways flight. For 30 seconds or so, everyone thought they were going to perish over the Atlantic – the water not being particularly warm at this time of year.

Thankfully, the PA system had got it wrong. The pre-recorded message had been played by mistake. Some mistake. Passengers have since complained the apology they received from cabin staff did not adequately measure up to the gravitas of the situation.

We guess most were kissing the tarmac when they landed at Heathrow.

Image: Rex