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Accused Woman uses "evil twin defence"

It doesn't work

Accused Woman uses "evil twin defence"
Danielle de Wolfe
11 September 2011

If you've ever been sick or unemployed enough to watch a daytime soap then you'll be aware that, without the belief that every good twin has an evil counterpart, their scriptwriters would be utterly lost.

In reality, things aren't quite so cut and dry. As far as we know, both of The Cheeky Girls are evil.

Unaware of the important distinction between fiction and the real world, Janell Athalone-Afrika tried to employ the age-old trick in a recent courtroom showdown. The 42-year-old state worker was accused of welfare fraud and forgery so claimed that her evil twin sister stole her identity and took the money for herself.

Unsurprisingly, the excuse didn't fly and she remains the sole focus of the case. We're guessing that in the next episode she'll try and blame it on a possessed diamond or the ghost of her murdered cousin's poodle.

(Image: Rex)