Half a Wispa landed this man in prison for eight years

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Amelia Tait

If you were going to be betrayed by a chocolate bar, you'd suspect it would be a Flake, wouldn't you? But while we're on the Topic, you don't have to be a Smartie to know that life wouldn't be a Picnic with a Drifter on your side.

But we can all agree that the chocolate bar least likely to turn on us is the humble, gentle, and loving Wispa. That is, until now. 

Mohammed Islam, a mugger who held a teenager hostage to extort money from his family, has been caught thanks to a half-eaten Wispa bar he left at the scene. 

Police identified 18-year-old Mohammed through traces of DNA left on the chocolate bar, which the clever victim managed to steal from him during the three hour ordeal.

"I would like to pay tribute to the victim and his incredible presence of mind to grab the Wispa bar immediately before escaping," said DC Darran Ford, from Bournville (the place, not the chocolate) CID. Islam has now been jailed for eight years.

Who knew the humble Wispa would end up worth shouting about?


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