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A Visual Mapping Of 14 Sonnets

A Visual Mapping Of 14 Sonnets

A Visual Mapping Of 14 Sonnets

We were going to write you a sonnet explaining the following poster story. Rich in expression and flowing verse, you would have marvelled at our lyrical prowess and shared the piece with all your chums. But it's nearly lunch, and we couldn't find anything to rhyme with "poster". 

Devised by the meticulous minds of Pop Chart Lab, this insightful work maps the structure and complexity of 14 stunning sonnets. From Shakespeare to Keats, the dashes and marks of the metrical mapping system exposes the shape and rhythm of the poems, with coloured indicators revealing the structure of each rhyming pattern. It's the poster you needed for that A level English homework due a decade ago, but with far more aesthetic flare.

Available for around £18 from the Pop Chart Lab store, this is the perfect piece for that corner of the living room you like to tell people is your "reading corner".


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(Image: Pop Chart Lab)