The greatest Twitter reactions to the man who scaled Trump Tower using suction cups


Just when you thought Manhattan had enough wall-climbing heroes.

In this rather bizarre event, a 20-year-old man shocked the world yesterday while attempting to scale Trump Tower in New York City in an apparent bid to meet its owner. Using suction cups and sporting an adorable haircut, he was an internet sensation within hours.

Happily, it all ended well as the Virginia resident - later known as Adam - was arrested safely, but not before his slow crawl up to the 20th floor resulted in some comical efforts to stop him from the NYPD.

In the esteemed words of Training Day’s Alonzo Harris, King Kong ain’t got nothing on this chap.

Progress was slow at first

The obvious question was raised

Tag from Friends, anyone?

But then we all remember the pioneer of this stunt. HELLO?!

Someone had an excellent idea

And before long it turned into a game of Frogger

It got dicey

Eventually, however, the fun was over and he was captured

There was even a (rare) classy response from Donald

America was going insane