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A comedian just brilliantly explained to old people that millennials don't exist

A comedian just brilliantly explained to old people that millennials don't exist

A comedian just brilliantly explained to old people that millennials don't exist

Adam Conover is a comedian, you may know him. You may not, but he is a comedian, one responsible for things like Adam Ruins Everything on TruTB, a show that began on CollegeHumour.

He’s also a man that speaks the truth. And a man that, probably like you, is tired of the constant way in which the world manages to be condescending and chastising at the same time to young people.

The young people that live in a world that was essentially broken by all that came before them and are now left to clean up the mess. Those born between 1980 and the early noughties known as #millennials.

Due to Conover being a funny chap, who’s ‘like, totes down with the kids,’ he was invited to speak at a conference on ‘marketing to millennials,’ in an effort to give share his wisdom.

And in doing so he called out the whole tag of millennial for all to see. Here are some of his best points:

We need to stop generalising generations

“Generational thinking has been reductive and condescending to the people being described… Generations are the same story over and over.”

Younger generations aren’t narcissistic, you’re just old and mad at them

"The real truth about narcissism is that if you look at people as they age, narcissism is highest when they're a student, goes down when they're a parent and then is lowest when you're a grandparent. ... Younger generations aren't narcissistic, you're just old and mad at them."

Everyone is obsessed with their phone

"Millennials are always on their phones and it's running their lives, but you know who is also on their phones? Moms and Dads and also some dogs ... everyone is on their phone all the time. ... Social media is just more media ... it just happens to be a new one that old people find frightening."

Respect their diversity

"Millennials are the most diverse generation ever ... any monolithic statement made about millennials other than how diverse they are is going to be false by virtue of how diverse they are." 

Don’t treat them like ‘young people’

"Young people don't need you to talk to them in their language. They just want to be treated like intelligent people who are worthy of respect." 

"They're people. That's all you really need to know ... We can drop the pandering and like all of the reductivism and the generalizations. ... If we just like treat them with respect, we'll do pretty good."

Check the full (brilliant) talk below: