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9 excellent pieces of relationship advice from the longest married couple in America

They're old enough to remember the car as the best invention in their lifetime

9 excellent pieces of relationship advice from the longest married couple in America

John and Ann Betar have been married for longer than you could hope to live for. 

They eloped in 1932 and have been married 83 years. And despite being over 100 years-old they're still enjoying each others company and have a happy marriage. On Valentine's Day, they took part in a Twitter Q&A which made all the #bae tweets just about bearable. 

The couple revealed how they've made their relationship last so long, even with an angry father-in-law who wanted his daughter to marry someone else.

John and Ann today

Here are their pearls of wisdom:

After an argument tell them to do what they want. Nine times out of ten they don’t. 

You have to like a person before you love them. We were good friends before. 

Making each other happy is a lifelong thing. How do you define love? Through actions, understanding, little things…

Listen to an older person, whether you want to or not. We both learned that from our parents – respect an older person’s words.

We hang on to each other! Just a few little hugs and we’re fine.

If theres something that bothers you, don’t try to change it. Let each other be, if it’s not drastic.

To live in world like this, you’re fortunate. You know what’s happening. And if you don’t know, it's your own fault.

Never hold grudges. Most arguments are about food.

We struggled in the beginning, but, luckily, we were content with what we had. It's just important to be content with what you have.