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30 Greatest Private Eye Covers

Half a century of super satire

30 Greatest Private Eye Covers
28 September 2011

Private Eye has been a constant thorn in the side of corrupt politicians, nonsensical government, brainless celebrities, morally-bankrupt journalists and general hypocrites since it was founded in October 1961.

Much like the sadly missed Spitting Image, you knew you'd made it when the magazine was unearthing your dodgy dealings, dragging those skeletons out of the cupboard and making fun of your ill-thought-out masterplans.

Private Eye has achieved all this while never forgetting to be entertaining, and a new exhibition at the V&A Museum in London showcases original artwork for some of the funniest and most cutting Private Eye cartoons over the years, produced by a range of artists including William Rushton, Nick Newman and Michael Heath, amongst many others. The exhibition is presented in the style of the magazine's Soho office, and features numerous items from the magazine's past campaigns and numerous court cases, including a flying Robert Maxwell and a life-sized cardboard cut out of (Reverend) Tony Blair.

To celebrate, Private Eye has given us 30 of the best for viewing pleasure. head to the V&A for the rest.

Private Eye: The First 50 Years is on display in the V&A’s Studio Gallery from 18 October 2011 to 8 January 2012 - admission to the display is free

A book entitled Private Eye: the first 50 years by Adam McQueen will be published by Private Eye on 12 September