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5 reasons coffee is better than tea (and one reason it's not)

Sorry, tea drinkers, but you're out of luck with this one.

5 reasons coffee is better than tea (and one reason it's not)
28 November 2022

5 reasons coffee is better than tea (and one reason it's not)

Coffee drinkers can be a picky bunch but they have good reason: the drink when brewed with the care and attention it deserves is simply one of the best tastes in the world.

For some reason, though, and especially in the UK, tea drinkers seem to think that they are the rightful heirs to the 'best-ever hot drink' throne.

They're not and here we argue just why coffee is better than tea, in the only way we know how... by making a list.

Without further ado, and with espresso cup in hand (which has made typing this frankly impossible but needs must) here are 5 reasons coffee is better than tea - and one reason why it's not...

5 reasons coffee is better than tea (and one reason it's not)

1. Coffee gives you more of a kick

Yes, we know there is caffeine in tea - and sometimes more than coffee when not brewed - but in the brewing process the caffeine is far more concentrated than in tea which means that you get more of a fix. That fix is essentially an increase in your brain activity and nervous system and a good ol' espresso is perfect in offering this.

2. The amount of coffee drinks far outweighs tea drinks

Okay, there are plenty of different tea types to choose from but how your brew the tea is pretty much the same - add hot water, wait for it to change to the beige colour of your choice and drink.

Coffee, however, comes in myriad forms. To begin with, the implement you can use to brew goes far beyond the humble tea pot. There's espresso machines, french presses, drip coffee makers, AeroPress... we could go on. Then the drink you can make: latte, americano, cappuccino, cortado, espresso, macchiato, mocha, flat white - each a delight and we haven't even scratched the surface of what a barista can concoct.

3. Coffee goes very well with alcohol

Have you ever mixed tea with whisky? Trust us, it's not a pleasant experience. Coffee with whisky, though, is an absolute joy - no wonder the country of Ireland decided to adopt the tipple (that's exactly what happened, right?). And then you have espresso martinis, a classy and potent cocktail that just wouldn't work if the espresso part was replaced by tea. In fact, if you did that then the drink would leave you both shaken and stirred.

4. And it's a cracking dessert, too

We all love a toasted tea cake but that's just a cake to accompany your tea. Having tea in a cake isn't that great - unlike coffee which is a dream for bakers. Coffee cakes are rich and moreish, a tiramisu is a delicacy of a dessert and coffee ice cream is simply sublime. And if you are one of those who pass the up the chance to have a coffee cream in a box of Quality Street, then we need to have words.

5. It works as part of a pre-workout ritual

Coffee has been proven to help with workouts, with the recommendation that you drink a cup around 45 minutes before hitting the gym and it is said to help with endurance, muscle strength and the like. Beyond your workout, coffee also has a nice amount of antioxidants within it to help with your health.

But there is one thing tea is better at...

When we had to make those letters look really old in school, a tea bag dipped in water was a fantastic way to do it. The murky water that comes from the bag was a perfect staining device. Which is a much better use than actually drinking the stuff.

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