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40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics

The pop duo have some absolute classic words of wisdom that everyone needs to know.

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics

A band so strong they are now in their fourth decade, it's fair to say the Pet Shop Boys have a philosophy (or 40) amongst their back catalogue.

Just remember: no-one does an eloquent literary quip quite like Neil Tennant.

Here are 40 pieces of advice, courtesy of the Pet Shop Boys, that you could live your life by...

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics

Love Comes Quickly

"Love comes quickly, whatever you do. You can't stop falling."


"Violence, violence, violence breeds violence."

Why Don’t We Live Together?

"There comes a time in everyone's life, when all of the parties every night, they're not enough. You want something more."

This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave

"Living a law just short of delusion. When we fall in love there's confusion."

I Want a Dog

"Oh, you can get lonely, and a cat's no help with that."

Dreaming of the Queen

"So there are no more lovers left alive, and that's why love has died."

Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

"Oh, there's a lot of opportunities, if you know when to take them, you know?"

I'm With Stupid

"Power can give a man much more than anybody knows."

Se A Vida E

"Come outside and see a brand new day, the troubles in your mind will blow away. It's easy to believe they're here to stay, but you won't find them standing in your way."

To Speak Is A Sin

"To speak is a sin. You look first, then stare. And once in a while, a smile, if you dare."


"Our love is dead, but the dead don't go away, they made us what we are, they're with us every day."


"Our gain is your loss, that's the price you pay. I heard it in the House of Commons: everything's for sale."

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics


"I don't like Country & Western. I don't like rock music. I don't like, I don't like Rockabilly - Rock'n'roll in particular. I don't like much, really, do I? But what I do like, I love passionately"


"For decadence is fatal, it's the beginning of the end."


"Dreaming is easy, life is tough."

Up Against It

"The higher you fly, the further you fall."


"Words mean so little, and money less, when you're lying next to me."

Go West

"Go West - life is peaceful there."

New York City Boy

"When you're a boy, some days are tough."

It's Alright

"Generations will come and go, but there's one thing for sure, music is our life's foundation, And shall succeed all the nations to come."

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics


"Footsteps in the dark, only love will break your heart."


"We all make a mess of our lives from time to time, it's part of the process that you stumble as you climb."

You Choose

"Learn the lesson, take the blows. You didn't fall in love by chance, you chose."

The Sodom And Gomorrah Show

"You've got to love, to learn to live."

Twentieth Century

"Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem. Let's stay together."


"If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear. If you've something to hide, you shouldn't even be here."

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics

Love Is a Bourgeois Construct

"It's absolutely clear to me, that love is a bourgeois construct, just like they said at university."


"It's always a new day in heaven, there's always a new way to heaven."

Love etc.

"Boy, it's tough getting on in the world. When the sun doesn't shine and a boy needs a girl."

Beautiful People

"Buy the latest magazine and aspire to the dream, perfect home and perfect kids, not a life lived on the skids."

Did You See Me Coming?

"You don't have to be in Who's Who to know what's what. You don't have to be a high flier to catch your flight."


"That's it, the end, but you'll get over it, my friend."

Hold On

"Hold on, hold on. There's got to be a future, or the world will end today."

With a Face Like That

"With a face like that, you could land on the moon."

40 Pieces Of Wisdom From Pet Shop Boys Lyrics


"When you start to feel increasingly forlorner - woomph - love comes right around the corner."


"Life's a gamble, throwing the dice. Every scandal, has its price."

I'm Not Scared

"If I was you, if I was you, I wouldn't treat me the way you do."

Only The Wind

"It's only the wind blowing litter all around, just a little wind and the trees are falling down. There's nobody crying - that was yesterday - inside we're all smiling, everything's okay."

More Than a Dream

"I believe we can change, we can make it more than a dream. And I believe we can change, it's not as strange as it might seem."

It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

"It doesn't often snow at Christmas, the way it's meant to do. But I'll still have a glow at Christmas, because I'll be with you."