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2015's Best Actor Nominees Before They Were (Really) Famous

2015's Best Actor Nominees Before They Were (Really) Famous

2015's Best Actor Nominees Before They Were (Really) Famous

Imagine having your early work scrutinised by the whole world. That bit of filing you did in 1994 wasn't up to much, was it? While that report you cobbled together in July 2007 was full of factual discrepancies, not to mention some seriously dodgy accounting. 

Luckily, though, our lives of anonymity mean we're never exposed to such harsh and public judgments.

Actors, however, have it very different. Everything from that two-line TV role where they had a bubble perm and triple denim, through to their modest early film roles is archived for posterity, just waiting for someone to come along and point and laugh.

Which makes for great viewing, obviously. Thankfully, the good folks at Flavorwire have put together an amazing supercut of this year's best acting nominees before they were famous.

Go on, have a good gawp. And remember to be thankful that you're not an international superstar...

[Via: Tastefully Offensive/Flavorwire]

Michael Keaton, nominated for Best Actor in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance).

Rosamund Pike, who is up for Best Actress in Gone Girl.

Robert Duvall, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in The Judge.

Bradley Cooper, nominated for Best Actor in American Sniper.

Felicity Jones, nominated for Best Actress in The Theory Of Everything.

Julianne Moore, there, out of focus, but still out-acting Madonna. Moore is nominated for Best Actress off the back of her role in Still Alice.