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20 Weirdest Local TV Adverts

20 Weirdest Local TV Adverts

20 Weirdest Local TV Adverts

Anyone watching the Super Bowl in Savannah, Georgia on Sunday would have been exposed to a two minute flash of insanity, as a bizarre local commercial was aired for a local personal injury lawyer.

Jamie Casino's truly insane, none-more-metal advert soon went viral thanks to the internet, but it reminded us of the crazy world of local commercials; usually low budget and therefore relying on 'creative' ways to get their message across. We've bravely dug our way through YouTube to find 20 of the strangest - naturally, we start with that sledgehammer-wielding epic from Mr Casino.


Jamie Casino

What can you say about this epic masterpiece? Andrew Castle, this is for when sorry isn't OK.

J. Michael Gallagher Law Office

And they say divorce can get nasty.

Frankie & Johnny's Furniture

First 20 seconds normal. Last 40 seconds, mindblowing. DFS have got nothing on these guys.

Pizza N Go

This is like pizza hypnotism. 'Makin' the pizza...makin' the are feeling very sleepy....very hungry...makin' the pizza'. We do actually want a pizza now though.

Christopher Knight for School Board

We would vote for you Christopher, you total geeky hero.

Eyetech Productions

Eyetech: 'taking video to the next level'. As long as the level you start at is a blank screen.

Sleep Centre of the SouthWest

If you really want to take your video to the next level, hire whoever created the amazing CGI on this advert.

Abaracadabra Entertainment

Featuring a rap magician. Just one letter away from the truth there.

Flea Market Montgomery

If you want real hip hop, check out the guys at Montgomery. To be fair, this track is better than Lil' Wayne's entire recorded output.

Golden Gate Funeral Home

If we died and went to heaven, we like to think we'd be too busy enjoying our new surroundings to admire the new 300 at our funeral back on earth. Surely they have hoverboards and stuff up there, right?

Eagleman Insurance

And you thought Eddie the Eagle was a laughing stock.

Rojo Restaurant

In the words of its creators, they were given "two weeks and zero budget" to make a commercial. The results are lo-fi weirdness at their very best.

Second Sole Sports

Someone's worked out how to use 'echo chamber' on their effects unit haven't they?

Norton Furniture

There is no part of this which isn't creepy and/or terrifying.

Stinky Septic

Because nothing says 'sewage removal' more than a Frank Sintra-esque lilting swing track.

Martin Furniture Store

He is clearly not on the same planet as the rest of us.

Right Price Furniture


Crazy Gideons

This man may actually be mentally ill.

Fuccillo Autoplex

How big is it mate? Medium? Large? Surely it can't go any bigger than that?


You can laugh all you want at this ridiculous advert, but that shop does actually look utterly amazing.


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