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19 Secret of Monkey Island moments that were totally on point (and click)

Possibly the finest game ever made. Ever.

19 Secret of Monkey Island moments that were totally on point (and click)
08 July 2016

It's strange, isn't it, that the best video game in the world was made in 1990. That since then people have tried - and failed like a pirate that looks more like a flooring inspector - to top its brilliance. That never, in the history of the world, will any game ever be better.

Here are just a few things that made The Secret of Monkey Island better than the hot winds of Hell blowing in your face. 

When it took the time to reassure you that mighty pirates do not kill dogs

When it looked copyright laws in the face and said "nah, mate"

When it wasn't afraid to frustrate you to the point of tears

On multiple occasions

And when it wasn't afraid to get incredibly meta

... on multiple occasions

When it gave you your first taste of the subtle art of bartering

When it proved there's nothing in this world you can't keep in your pants

When it provided you with the original #lifegoals

When Guybrush completely trolled you in your hunt for an easter egg

When it taught you an early lesson about you future coworkers

When it enlightened you to the limitless uses for a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle

When it provided us with legitimately the best insult known to man

And the world's greatest distraction technique

When it kept the secret of why Herman Toothrot wasn't wearing any pants

When Grog

When there was no such thing as enough bananas for this greedy little bastard

When it showcased one of the finest twists in modern popular culture

And when it basically invented the concept of comedy