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15 signs that warned us Ryan Lochte was an uber douche

Lying about his Olympic armed robbery? It's just the latest act of unforgivable douchebaggery from Lochte.

15 signs that warned us Ryan Lochte was an uber douche

US swimmer Ryan Lochte might have just caused the biggest controversy in Olympic history. After telling the Olympic Committee, the world media and even his dear old mum that he'd been robbed at gun point, it turns out he might have been telling porky pies all along.

But shouldn't we have known the 12-time medal winner-cum-reality star-cum abysmal fashion icon was a bit of a douchebag all along? Here's the evidence.

He bought a 'hoverboard'


He owns shoes with his name written on the soles

And these absolute monstosities

Gnarly swimming bro selfies

Taking the smuggest holiday snap of all time (plus, the hat)

Sullying the good name of the Olympics with dreadful reality show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”

And did we say he was bad at interviews?

Like, really bad?

Being a bit too happy about the Euro pop Bond villain look

Going full on Cristiano Ronaldo in tiny white pants

Boasting about how he can eat 6000 calories a day while the rest of us agonise over the week’s fifth sausage and egg McMuffin

Trying to have his own Rocky IV training montage

Showing off about his flash motor

This flashy grill (which he was banned from wearing on the Rio podium)

He's one of those adult colouring book types