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10 food combinations that sound disgusting but taste amazing

10 food combinations that sound disgusting but taste amazing

10 food combinations that sound disgusting but taste amazing
14 October 2015

If you haven’t discovered a frankenfood that you know is bloody fantastic but is so weird people instantaneously make a face, then you didn’t make it through junior school properly.

At the very least you should have indulged in a crisp sandwich well into your adulthood.

But it’s time to graduate gentlemen, and embrace the weird and wonderful qualities of these borderline food abomination combinations that taste amazing. Here are 10 of the best.






1. Jam and eggs

You kind of have to just trust us on this one. We swear it’s not a dare.

The key is to spread a thin layer of the jam on your toast rather than dollop it all over your eggs. It’s like a better version of an American breakfast (where you drown everything in maple syrup).

2. Cheese cotton candy

Foodbeast has created an entire food festival dedicated to cheese called Oozefest and it birthed this marvellous creation from @wafflesinc.

That’s a cream cheese waffle in a cloud of cheese cotton candy. Because why the hell not. 

3. Smoked eel and watermelon

If you’ve ever had a watermelon, feta and mint salad you’ll be able to imagine (almost) what this tastes like. The salty, oily taste of the eel works incredibly well. You can throw in a couple of raspberries too for good measure. 

4. Chips and milkshake

If you have not done this in McDonald’s on a hangover, you have not lived. It is by far the best menu hack out there and also means you don’t really need to decide sweet or salty when you’re at your most fragile.

5. Caviar and white chocolate

You may think this would be an expensive mistake but salt actually brings out the best in chocolate, and according to Heston Blumenthal caviar and white chocolate is the best combo of sweet and salty.

It works thanks to the high levels of amines in both ingredients which contribute to the great flavours we get from cooked meat and cheeses. 

6. French toast and gravy

This plays on the sweet/salty pairing again, and if you really think about it it’s pretty much just like a Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Except French toast is much harder to mess up than yorkies. 

7. Pizza and maple syrup

This works best with just a margarita or a pepperoni pizza. Maple syrup and green peppers?

Don’t be crazy. If you’re not ready to take this step, try some parmesan and honey to get where we’re coming from. 

8. Sriracha and peanut butter

We’ll be straight with you, this blew our minds. We’ve heard of peanut butter in burgers, peanut butter and jam (or jelly as the American’s say), even peanut butter and pickles but this was something else. But when you really think about it, half of South East Asia’s cuisines combine peanuts and chilli and it works spectacularly well.

Drizzle some sriracha over your peanut butter and toast, add a squeeze of lime and a handful of chopped spring onions and prepare yourself for a life changing experience.  

9. Broccoli and wotsits

Essentially broccoli cheese without the fuss. Crush up some wotsits and sprinkle over some steamed broccoli for some added crunch and food colouring. 

10. Instant noodles and cheese

Instant noodles only need a nudge to tip the scale so that they’re so bad they’re good. So add some cheese.

Because if this list has taught you anything, it’s that cheese is the greatest gift to mankind and goes with EVERYTHING.