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10 easy ways to pimp your meat

10 easy ways to pimp your meat

10 easy ways to pimp your meat

Want your meat to pack a punch?

We don’t mean in the Rocky sense of the word - that’s just plain unsanitary, and can you imagine the faff you’d have transporting that big rack of ribs from the warehouse and into your oven ready for that Tinder date? Doesn’t bear thinking about really.

We mean the simpler stuff of course: the sort of easily servable cold slabs of meat you find in a near empty fridge, leftovers from a big roast, those basic cuts of meat you want to take to the next level.

To find out how, we spoke to Denise Spencer-Walker, food advisor at Quality Standard Beef & Lamb.

Remember a few of these choice tips and your next meal will be a knockout.

It’s time to ‘Bergushi’

Big in the States right now, Bergushi is a Japanese/US fusion of beef and sushi. Why not try making traditional Japanese sushi rolls filled with cooked roast beef and vegetables?

Get the recipe here

Speedy Midweek Roast With Chipotle Butter

Who said Roasts are just for Sunday? Now more popular than ever, mini roasting joints are changing the way people think about the traditional roast.  Downsize with small joints of beef and lamb to make a quick wholesome mid-week dinner. How much gravy you pile on is up to you.

Get the recipe here

Ramen Burgers

Take a Japanese approach to pimping up meat and introduce your friends to a ramen burger. This replaces the burger bun with a noodle bun.  Ketchup is swapped for a tonkatsu sauce made with red onion, mustard, light soy sauce, tomato ketchup and fresh root ginger. 

Get the recipe here

Tea smoked steaks

These tea smoked steaks are a sure-fire winner and easy to do in your kitchen. With a slight Japanese twist using Japanese seven spice seasoning  (shichimi togarashi) and Lapsong Souchong tea it will delight steak lovers.

Get the recipe here

Stuff it with lamb hearts

Your meat not meaty enough? Stuff some more meat inside it. Be adventurous and try stuffing lamb hearts with onion and mushroom stuffing or lamb shoulder with kale and rice. An impressive meal and cracking for leftovers.

Get the recipe here

Pulled Beef Brisket

Grab a brisket joint from your local supermarket or butcher and cook it very slowly in a low oven or slow cooker. The tender meat is ‘pulled’, before it is shredded to serve either in buns, on noodles, in pancakes or whatever your heart desires. Ideal for large groups of mates and served up with tons of relish and accompaniments.

Get the recipe here

Heat it up Caribbean style

Add some jerk marinade with chilli, garlic, rum and all-spice to give a real kick to a rump, sirloin or rib eye steak. Perfect for tantalising those taste buds with far-flung flavour.

Get the recipe here

Low and slow one-pots

Beat the spring snap and get down to the butchers for a casserole, stewing and braising cut.  Low and slow one-pots use a variety of inexpensive cuts and when cooked for hours produce more flavour loaded meals. Washing up will be a doddle too.

Get the recipe here

Mint marinated lamb with blueberry gravy

Blueberries are all the rage right now. Mostly for their `superfood’ qualities, but did you know they are tasty with lamb too? Try blueberry gravy with lamb. Click here for the recipe to mint marinated lamb with blueberry gravy.

Give it a rub down

From coffee-rubbed chuck burgers to spicy lamb chops, rubs pimp up your meat and complement the meaty flavours of various cuts. Find a full range of rub ideas click here.

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