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Instax Mini 11: Love a selfie? Then this camera will be your new best friend

Get the shot with none of the fuss.

Instax Mini 11: Love a selfie? Then this camera will be your new best friend
Holly Pyne
26 February 2020

Fujifilm’s Instax cameras never take themselves too seriously - they are simply designed to be colourful, fun and provide the instant satisfaction of printing photos then and there.

And, three years on from the launch of the iconic Mini 9, there’s a new Instax camera in town - the Mini 11.

There’s a few noticeable changes - it’s much thinner than the Mini 9 and it also now comes with an ‘Automatic Exposure’ function that monitors the level of ambient light and adjusts the shutter speed and flash accordingly.

A feature we think is perfect for a camera designed for ‘entry-level’ photographers who just want to have some fun with shots and not get bogged down in settings.

The ‘Selfie Mode’ has also been improved and can now simply be activated by pulling out the lens once the camera is switched on.

Love a selfie? The new Instax Mini 11 will be your new best friend

It's clear that Fujifilm have put a lot of work into making the Mini 11 as easy to use as possible, while also making the camera itself lighter and more portable.

As you would expect from an Instax camera, the Mini 11 comes in five pastel colours including Blush Pink, Sky Blue and Lilac Purple.

There are even accessories that you can add to the shutter button, which are being marketed as an easy way to personalise the camera.

The options include a luminous green button that glows in the dark and a ‘jewel-look’ cover that comes in all the Mini 11 colours.

The Instax Mini 11 is set to be available from 5 March with a price tag of £69.99 and is available for preorder now from Amazon.