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This Accurate Tube Map Will Change The Way You Look At London


Considering people once said the Earth was flat, it’s not too hard to imagine tourists believing the geographical layout of London mirrors that of the TFL’s underground map.

And if the Romans were still in charge, that oft-seen symmetrical grid might be right – though of course anyone who really knows the city knows the differences are vast and many.

So behold - a tube and rail map accurately showing the exact route and distance between stations, zigzagging across rivers and a mishmash of central hubs across the capital to offer us the geographical reality that Harry Beck's original 1933 effort never has.


Designed by TfL following a Freedom of Information request by James Burbage last year, it has now done the rounds again – and it’s a breath of fresh air (unlike the stuff you get on the tube).

For too long we've been led to believing some stations which take 60 seconds to reach are of equal distance to those in which you can read half a copy of the Evening Standard before getting there. 

And what about those poor tourists, fooled by a conservative map design into thinking a tube ride is faster than walking between stations when it’s not?

Well let’s hope this makes it into tube stations sooner rather than later.