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Your Job Is A Lot More Dangerous Than You Think


Tea-related scaldings. Posture-destroying chairs. Untold paper cuts. These are just some of the dangers lurking in the offices of ShortList.

Unsurprisingly then, "journalism" doesn't feature highly on Eurostat's report into workplace accidents, although there are still a few surprising entries that are on the list.

Scouring over 3,500 fatal accidents that occurred in EU workplaces in 2012 (the most recent data set on the morbid subject), the report findings present some predictable stats - and some downright shocking ones. 

Obviously any job involving power tools, large vehicles and unstable structures, were always going to rank pretty highly on the most "deadly" workplaces list, but who knew that working in retail could be more dangerous than working in a mine? 

We've listed the top ten below, followed by a the findings of Eurostat.  

The EU's most dangerous jobs

The percentages of fatal workplace accidents in the EU by job type

(e.g. construction work accounts for 22.2% of all workplace fatalities)

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[Via: Independent; Eurostat]


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