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These Are The Places Most Likely To Be Hit By A Terrorist Attack According To Foreign Office



If you want to escape the all-pervasive threat of a terrorist attack, head to Iceland. Or Poland, Mongolia, Japan or Papua New Guinea.

Each of these nations is currently labelled by the UK's Foreign Office as having a "low" threat of terror, on a four point scale that increases to "underlying", "general" and "high".

After a series of terrorism related attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait in the past week, The Foreign Office has updated its information for British tourists on which nations are safe to travel to, with over 30 countries now sporting a "high" threat of terrorism.

The cartographically-gifted minds at The Telegraph Travel have compiled the latest data into a handy map, showing how the threat level varies around the world.

So, best cancel that trip to Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, Kenya and... well, if the Foreign Office's ratings really do sway you, you might want to get out of the UK for the foreseeable future. You could pop over to Ireland, where there's only an underlying threat.

Stay alert, check with your travel agency or the Foreign Office if you are planning any international trips.

[Via: Telegraph Travel]


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