Who won the weekend: the South Korean teen who sounds just like Adele or the seal who rode a whale?

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Emily Badiozzaman

This weekend, the Internet saved music as The X-Factor did its best to ruin it. A nameless teen in South Korea gave Adele a run for her millions in a pitch-perfect rendition of Hello and took everyone by surprise.

Meanwhile, a nameless seal in Mexico had a whale of a time riding on the back of one Earth’s biggest mammals.   

But who was the bigger star?


Just as you’d stopped holding back tears at Adele’s new hit, this teenager from the Seoul Music High School comes along and belts out a rendition with dare we say it, almost as much emotion than the powerhouse herself.

It's enough to tip anyone over the edge and was the last thing your hangover asked for.

With her back facing her accompanying pianist and in her school uniform, the girl sits with her eyes closed in her school uniform and performs effortlessly.

Nobody knows who she is just yet but we’re pretty sure she’s about to get a lot of emails from a lot of record labels.


First came the weasel riding on the back of a bird, then came a daredevil racoon on the back of an alligator. Now there’s a seal who blows them both out of the water by riding on the back of a grey whale.

To the sounds of a cheering boatload of onlookers off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, the young adrenaline junkie takes a ride on a passing whale to rest his flippers.



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