This 'Viz' top tip is genuinely so clever you'll wish you thought of it first

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Dave Fawbert
This 'Viz' top tip will change your life if you kind of hate people

Sometimes, genius occurs where you least expect it.

A scorching 40-yard volley from your useless right-back who’s just decided to put his boot through it because it’s the 88th minute, and why the fuck not. A diamond in a coal mine. ‘Dakota’ by the Stereophonics.

And it’s happened again in the pages of the legendary comic Viz.

What we expect from Viz: absolute hilarity and profanity, and ridiculous top tips like this:

What we don’t expect: actually, genuinely genius life advice like this:

What a great idea.

This led to other people sharing their own ‘top tips’ for avoiding people:

But one doubting Thomas pointed out a possible flaw in the system:

There was another excellent life hack suggestion for ending that unwanted phone call:

But, really, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Viz has given us a piece of actually-useful life advice. After all, these other top tips are all equally perfect for improving your everyday life:

Well done Viz, well done.

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