This brilliant Friends fan theory explains why Rachel should have ended up with Joey

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Tom Victor

Friends is one of those shows that you’re probably familiar with even if you never watched a minute of it.

You know the relationship between Ross and Rachel dominated most of the show’s 10 seasons.

You know they were on a break.

You know Ross said Rachel’s name when at the altar with his bride-to-be Emily.

And you know Rachel got off the plane.

Considering the arc of the two characters over the duration of the show’s run, some Friends fans were conflicted when – for a little while – it looked like Rachel might instead end up with Joey.

It’s been cited as one of the worst or most annoying storylines on a major TV show - but not everyone feels that way.

Indeed, one fan – @kaneandgriffin on Twitter – has made a very (very) compelling argument that, in fact, Rachel and Joey was the better fit. This is a long thread but we promise it is worth sticking with, because to our minds her theory is spot on. 

Not everyone was entirely on board with the explanation, though it received plenty of backing, and even changed some minds

Soon enough, another explanation was offered for why Rachel and Joey never ended up as an item.

Case closed?

(Main image: YouTube/Favorite Videos)