Fact: dinosaur toys make travel photos a trillion times cooler

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Nick Pope

Listen up, man-who-just-returned-from-holiday: everyone knows what the Eiffel Tower looks like. The same goes for the Colosseum - we've all seen Mary-Kate and Ashley: When in Rome - and Stonehenge, and we really don’t need that mammoth Facebook photo album you’re about to inflict on our timelines.

Truth is, if you really want to make your holiday snaps interesting, you’ve got to invest in some top quality gear, and really put the work in.

Or just bring along some toy dinosaurs. That’ll work too.

At least, it will if you’re as talented as photographer Jorge Saenz. With the use of classic perspective tricks, the Paraguayan snapper has brought toy dinosaurs to life as part of his travel project #Dinodinaseries.

Check out his dino-adventure below…