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5 essential lockdown photography hacks

Raw Dublin reveals the best ways to take photos while stuck at home

5 essential lockdown photography hacks

Raw Dublin, aka renowned photographer Freddy Kelly, knows his way around a camera. He's usually seen on the streets of Dublin, taking breathtaking pictures of the city but, like the rest of us, he's is in lockdown right now.

But that hasn't stopped him getting creative with the camera - and he wants you to do the same. That's why he has teamed up with Irish whiskey maker Bushmills to create a photography masterclass on Instagram that anyone can follow in the home.

Titled Black Bush Stories, whiskey experts and award-winning TV presenters, Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison will be joined by Kelly to chat whiskey and photography. Other upcoming 'stories' include tea maker Oscar Woolley and candlemaker Michael Morris.

"I want to inspire people to do a double take and appreciate the world around them," says Kelly about the upcoming Instagram video.

The event will be live streamed at 8.00pm tonight (6 May, BST) - head to for more information on the show and the Bushmills Instagram channel.

Before you jump away, though, we spoke exclusively to Raw Dublin to get some photography tips. Here's what he said about getting the most out of your photography while in lockdown.

5 essential lockdown photography hacks

1. Get creative with a steam iron

"If you’re aiming to add cool studio effects without paying for heavy or expensive photo equipment, simply switch on your iron, let it heat up and use its steam to inject another layer to your images..."

2. Use a Slinky

"Pick yourself up a cheap toy slinky from Amazon and use it to add another dimension to your photos. Stretch it out and get someone to hold the other end. Try find a nice spot in the garden and wait till the sun is low in the sky. Place the sun behind your subject and shoot."

3. Get Low, Shoot Wide

"When you are out stretching your legs switch your camera to wide angle. Get low and close to your subject. Lie on the ground and point your camera diagonally up. Don't be afraid to get wet or dirty. When we shoot from these angles we get shots that are completely unique."

4. Layer it up

"Think of layers as depth. You want as much depth as possible in your photos. You want to aim to have as many layers as possible in your shots. "Use complimentary colours to add one last layer of creativity."

5. Shooting at home

"You don't need expensive equipment, use your coffee or kitchen table, chopping boards or frying pans. There are no limits. I had fun making pancakes recently. You can see the results on my instagram @rawdublin. When photographing your food try shoot it from above, top down for a unique angle. However, burgers have to be shot from the side to see the layers. At night you may need to add artificial light from a lamp or led lights. Led strips are very cheap. I picked some up this week, battery operated for €1.50. Don't be afraid to try it. Most importantly have fun and be creative."