Cameron's real legacy is a new liberalised Conservative party


"We are entering a new era of political discourse," thinks political commentator Iain Dale...

The SNP isn’t going anywhere. I’m not saying we’ll never go back to majority governments, but it’s possible we won’t see one for 20 years. My worry is that this election will lead to uncertainty in the financial markets. It will be fascinating to watch, but probably won’t be good for the country.

Cameron said he would regard it as a failure if he didn’t win a majority – some think he would go even if the Conservatives do become the largest party. I don’t think he’d cling to the leadership.

When he became prime minister, the 2008 crash was going to affect things. His agenda had to change. His legacy is that he has liberalised the Conservative party. However it is difficult to name three things that he’s done. This is the first election I haven’t gone door knocking, and I can’t think what I’d say other than the economic recovery and warning about the SNP. Maybe that would be enough.