The ‘sexy’ lawyer from Making A Murderer is getting his own series

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Chris Sayer

What a truth-seeking dreamboat. What a hunky defender of justice. What a guy.

Dean Strang, the lawyer and unlikely sex symbol that set hearts racing while trying to get Steven Avery off the hook in Netflix’s Making A Murderer, is set to front his very own TV series entitled Dean Strang: Road to Justice.

The docu-series will have an eight-part first season in which our legal stallion pulls landmark cases apart to reveal major flaws in the criminal justice system, The AV Club reported last night. Viewers can also expect to be guided “through a series of remarkable and moving stories filtered through Dean’s uniquely compelling and expert point of view.”

There’s no word yet on how the series will be distributed (our money is on Netlfix, obvs), but if all this uncertainty has given you a case of the Strang Pangs, head over to the States where he and his courtroom colleague, Jerry Buting, are embarking on a 26-date speaking tour across the country to discuss Avery’s case.

Dean Strang. What a guy. 

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