Man City player Fabian Delph claims he sees ghosts in the weirdest interview ever

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Joe Ellison

They say footballers just can't give good interviews anymore, speaking in clichés and diplomatically giving nothing away for fear of seeing a misspoken quote splashed across the tabloids.

Well ‘they’ clearly never spoke to England and Man City midfielder Fabien Delph, who has just admitted to seeing not one but FOUR ghosts in his lifetime. 

Quizzed during an in-club interview as to whether or not he believed in ghosts, Delph didn’t even need to weigh up the possibilities of the afterlife walking the earth, diving right in and casually claiming he sees “them all the time”. 

Yep, practically living his very own version of The Sixth Sense, the 26-year-old goes onto describe the creepy detail in which he’s encountered these spectres throughout the years, including one sighting as recently as month ago when he witnessed a spirit carrying another ghost body onto his balcony.

Made all the more brilliant by his no-nonsense Yorkshire accent, Delph is officially our new favourite footballer.

And if you think the two minutes of intense paranormal talk is fun, wait until you see the juxtaposition when he's then asked what his favourite sport is, going on to answer as if the previous ghost chat was the most normal thing in the world.

With a good ribbing from teammates a distinct possibility, in hindsight, he'll be hoping his words don't come back to haunt him.


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