David Alaba just scored the stupidest own goal you'll see all year


David Alaba. 

Rocksteady, supremely athletic, boyishly handsome, £50m-rated, international superstar, defender for Bayern Munich, David Alaba. The sort of central defender any goalkeeper can trust.

Unless, that is, you’re Ramazan Ozcan, the Austrian international goalie who just suffered the audacity of conceding an own goal by Alaba during last night's friendly against Malta. Passing back to his goalkeeper from the edge of his area without actually looking at him, it's quite possibly the stupidest goal you'll see all year.

Almost resigned to his howler – to be fair, the Austrians were already 2-0 up in the dying minutes when it happened, and went on to narrowly win 2-1 – Alaba cut a figure of a man who’d rather just pretend it never happened. That or he was still drunk from his domestic side's league celebrations a fortnight ago.

He'll have to get over it quick, mind. With the Austrians bound for Euro 2016, there group features Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal. Best get all the howlers out of the system now.