Amir Khan claims his wife cheated with Anthony Joshua, AJ's response will knock you out

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Dave Fawbert

Twitter is a wonderful thing: a way to follow your heroes directly, with no filter in between (other than the photo one), a place for the gathering of news that’s perfectly curated to your interests and a way to discover and interact with like-minded people.

It’s also a platform for almighty rows to kick off while a watching public looks on in astonishment.

And one such bust-up is in progress right now, as British boxer Amir Khan announced the break-up of his marriage to Faryal Makhdoom to the world on Twitter and, furthermore, accused her of moving straight on to fellow pugilist Anthony Joshua.

However, Fayed was not about to take this public shaming without a fight – and duly hit back with a series of her own tweets, which have since been deleted.

So far, so completely awkward, excruciating and horrible for everyone involved and everyone, like us, who couldn’t resist watching the unfolding car crash.

So it was something of a welcome relief when Joshua responded to what seems to be (though, of course, who knows) Khan’s rather outlandish accusations, with this rather glorious post:

Let’s hope Amir and his wife see sense and take this back in house and out of the public’s view, and both work out their differences as soon as possible.