Psy is back and ready to take over the internet again

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Gary Ogden

Remember Psy? That jolly Korean bloke who hit the record books back in 2012 by nabbing the record for the most-watched YouTube video ever. It was for his ridiculously catchy K-pop number ‘Gangnam Style’ and its equally ridiculous video – it’s still the most viewed video ever, even today. Mwad.

Off the back of his Sega Mega Hit, he had a brief spell of worldwide fame and success, but of late we haven’t heard much from him.



That’s because he’s finally released his proper comeback single, and it’s a predictably infectious slice of nonsense, complete with a Jason Derulo-style love for trumpets and novelty dance that your uncle will learn a year too late.

Would you like to hear it first? Well, you can below, if you’re not one of the 6,384,431 who have already heard it at the time of writing:

Shame there’s dabbing in it, but still, I like it. It has all the Psy staples: a chorus that makes little sense, lots of transferring weight between feet in quick succession, mucho crotch-thrusting, lots of jarring head movements and Psy perving over a very pretty girl.

It’s like a three-minute glimpse into my life. Only there’s more than one person there and it happens in more places than my bedroom.


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