We got Twitter to heckle Frank Skinner, Kevin Bridges and Romesh Ranganathan and their reaction was brilliant


Heckling a major comedian isn’t without risk.

Hear nothing back and you run the risk of looking like a plonker ignored by an entire audience. Hear a reply come booming out of the speakers and chances are you’re about to be made to look very silly indeed.

Made of thicker skin than the rest of us combined, these brave joke-tellers have worked enough rooms to not let cocky audience members get the better of them, even aiming some well-directed zingers back themselves. 

But what about when top comics heckle each other, you ask?

We’re glad you did: ahead of a special 400th issue interview with Romesh Ranganathan, Kevin Bridges and Frank Skinner, we asked you, dear readers, to send us some heckles, receiving a bounty of verbal ammunition.

Only instead of reading them out ourselves (ok, we admit it, we were scared), we enlisted these funny men to read them out to each other, while we simply sat back and watched the spectacle unfold.

At ease in their own patter and giving us all a good insight to professional ‘bantz’, it's brilliant.