The 10 Most Terrifying Movie Car Crashes

The Blues Brothers, Transformers National Lampoon's Vacation.

Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 had been set in a hamper-strewn playing field, it 

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky. 



Death Proof

Kurt Russell as a seriously warped stuntman 

Amores Perros

Amores Perros

Casino Royale

Bloody hell, Daniel Craig. Your first outing as Bond and you go and write off your first shiny Aston Martin only minutes after getting behind the wheel - M was right, you weren't ready for 00 status. Though perhaps therein lies the secret of Casino Royale's twisty charm: in having the the spy's kidnapped love interest placed right between headlights on a dimly lit road, giving Bond no chance but to sacrifice his handsome vehicle to save the girl before we even got to see as much as an ejector seat, audiences didn't know whether to clap or cry.


TMZThe Lion King,

Vanishing Point

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No Country For Old Men

So pokerfaced was Javier Bardem’s portrayal of an unstoppable, sadistic hit man who violently cattle prods his way through this grizzly Coen Brothers offering, we wouldn’t have batted an eyelid had it transpired the bowl-haired assassin was sent back in time by Skynet. As it was, this final, fender-bending scene of his proved he actually was flesh and blood. We bet he's not insured either, the monster.