Mark Hamill stars in a special Star Wars edition of Bad Lip Reading

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Tom Mendelsohn

If you’re wondering why you don’t often see Mark Hamill in films that aren’t Star Wars, it’s because he does a lot of work as a voice actor, especially as the Joker in almost every Batman cartoon and video game ever made.

All of this makes him the perfect guest star for Bad Lip Reading, the hilarious YouTube series that takes huge films and puts, well, very stupid words in the actors’ mouths. So while he barely made an appearance in Star Wars Episode VII in 2015, he’s more than made up for the absence with his dead-on impression of Harrison Ford’s elderly Han Solo in a guest role in the long-running comedy series recorded in memory of Carrie Fisher, who died last year.

It’s all brilliant, but the scene with Chewbacca and the doctor had us in tears.