Johnny Depp continues his bizarre 2016 with this Yoga Hosers trailer

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Chris Sayer

First, he shocked the Internet by dressing up in full podgy and ham-like prosthetics as presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Then, that “I’m sorry Australia” video happened, in which the Edward Scissorhands star gave the most unconvincing performance/apology of his career.  

But things have just got a whole load weirder for Johnny Depp's 2016. Let’s just say, party-spoiling sausages from The Third Reich are involved. 

That, and plenty more, can be found in the new trailer for Yoga Hosers, the new stoner comedy written and directed by the supreme champion of all stoner comedies, Kevin Smith.

Depp, back in the prosthetics and rocking one hell of a dodgy accent, plays Guy Lapointe, a Canadian beret-wearer who must team up with two teenage yoga fans to defeat an ancient army of bratwurst Nazis – or Bratzis – from ruining their plans to party. Not exactly Citizen Kane, is it.  

Alongside Depp, you’ll find Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, as well as that dude from The OC (Adam Brody); that guy from Arrested Development (Tony Hale); the one from Dodgeball (Justin Long); and the kid from The Sixth Sense (Haley Joel Osment). 

Catch the trailer below, and drop us a line if you can make any sense at all from it. It's JUST SO DAMN BONKERS. 


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