100 greatest one-liners: after the kill


Nothing beats a good old-fashioned post-mortem put-down.

It’s because it takes a special kind of hero – or a genuine, certified psychopath – to be able to take someone’s life and then come up with a witty, pun-heavy one-liner before their cold, lifeless body has even hit the ground.

Obviously you sincerely hope that you’re never faced with a life and death scenario. But if things go south, one thing leads to another, and you end up harpooning a man to a palm tree, all you can do is pray that you’ll come up with something half as good as "I think he got the point".

So sit back and enjoy this century of lines-after-death courtesy of YouTube mash-up artists Burger Fiction. Suffice to say, both Arnie and Bond feature very, very heavily. Stick around.