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See terrifying new horror-doc The Nightmare on us.

Scaredy-cats get through horror films by telling themselves it's only a movie, thus being reassured there's no such thing as vampires, ghouls or intergalactic beasties. But what if what they're seeing is real, or a reconstruction?

That's the conundrum you will face when you watch Rodney Ascher's horror-documentary The Nightmare. The best bit? You get to scare yourself senseless for free. 

The film is out 9 October, but as we've teamed up once again with Stella Artois for latest ShortList Film Club offering, you get to see it first. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

The Nightmare examines sleep paralysis, where sufferers wake up unable to move. Ascher's recreations of these experiences are, frankly, more frightening than any horror fiction. So come to witness the most disturbing film even of the year - on our dime. Just don't have nightmares.

The first tickets are available at 


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