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16 September

Swimming With Sharks

Author: Joris Luyendijk 

What's the story: Do you know what caused the financial crash of 2008? Sure, bankers - but which bankers? And which exact banking departments were involved? And who's looking to stop it all happening again?

These are just some of the questions that journalist Joris Luyendijk set out to answer when he immersed himself in the City for a few years, speaking to over 200 people. After having enough whispered coffee meetings and exchanging many covert emails, Luyendijk has a chilling realisation: What if the bankers themselves aren't the real enemy? What if the truth about global finance is more sinister than that?

The sort of non-fiction read that makes you wonder why you ever bothered with fiction when the facts are this dramatic.

Release date: 17 September


Sir, please go back to your seat

Over the past few years I have spoken to around 200 people who work or have recently worked in the financial district of London. Their stories are very different but if I were to summarise them in one image, it would be that empty cockpit.






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