The ShortRead: Max Brooks


The ShortRead of 28 January


The Harlem Hellfighters

Author: Max Brooks

Artist: Canaan White

What's the story: Graphic novels aren't all about Spandex and superpowers. They are, as their name suggests, graphic - astonishingly graphic.

It's the perfect medium to explore the story of the Harlem Hellfighters, the 369th infantry regiment of African American soldiers who fought courageously in World War I, only to return to the USA to face astonishing levels of discrimination.

Penned by World War Z author Max Brooks and illustrated by the acclaimed artist Canaan White, this is a powerful, gripping tale from the front lines of one of history's darkest moments to the uncomfortable trip back home. Check out the extract below, and be prepared for some violent scenes of war. 

Release date: Out now