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You can finally order the Pokemon GO game-changing accessory


Within the first few days of playing Pokémon GO, one of the following complaints probably escaped your lips:

"I love the nostalgia, but good grief it ruins my battery."

"It's fun, but I wish I didn't have to have my phone out all the time to play it."

"I hate it. Why can I only find Pidgeys and Ratatas? I don't understand why everyone is losing their bloody minds over it. You all need to grown the hell up."

You'll be thrilled to hear that these first two issues are about to be solved by the Pokémon GO Plus, a new wearable from the app's creators Niantic. If you sit in the third camp, here's hoping you'll prefer Super Mario Run.  


The Pokémon GO Plus connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, acting as the notification system you've always wanted the game to have.

Once you've synced the band, you won't have to have your phone to be 'playing' the game: if you walk past a Pokémon, the Plus band will give a vibration and flash a green LED. Press a button on the device and it'll let you toss a Pokéball, with a successful catch resulting in the device flashing and vibrating.

Walk past a Pokéstop and the band will vibrate and flash blue, allowing players to receive items with a tap of its button. 

You'll have to dig your phone out to see what Pokémon you've caught - and yes, you'll still be using your phone's data allowance to play. However, the Bluetooth connection will use up a heck of a lot less battery than your phone's screen and camera. 

Set to arrive on 16 September, you can order one here for £34.99. That, or buy a new Apple Watch for some £269



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