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This Nineties Explanation Of Computers Is Superb


Most of you reading this are what the tech industry would term 'digital natives'.

It's not an insult. It's just means that while growing up, the notion of encountering new pieces of technology wasn't daunting but normal: you programmed the VCR for your parents, you were given a school email account, you picked up a mobile phone without fearing it was going to turn your brain into a tumour-ridden lump.

But for the senior generation, the baby boomers who lost their shit watching the Moon landing on their neighbour's black and white TV, the arrival of PCs was fraught with frustration: what's a mouse? What do you do with Windows? What's a floppy disk? 

Enter the saviour of a generation, the 'Komputer Tutor' herself - Kim Commando! 

While she might sound like an adult film star, Ms Commando is a fountain of knowledge on the new wave of PCs - and she's here to tell the masses in no-nonsense fashion.

"And nothing blew up!"




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