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The iPhone 6S: What we know


We know it's coming, and we've got a pretty good idea of when. Here's every gem and nugget of information the internet has to offer on the next instalment of Apple's smartphone. 

It will be thicker

iPhone Specs

Reports suggest that the 6S is the first iPhone that will actually be thicker than its predecessor, even though recent leaked images suggest that certain internal components will be getting smaller.

Speculation suggests that the robust new design may have been put in place after the super-slim iPhone 6 became susceptible to bending in people's pockets. 

Another suggestion is that the extra width will accommodate a bigger battery, which most long-suffering iPhone users will be eternally grateful for.

It will be more touch-sensitive


One of the most eagerly anticipated features of the new handset is the addition of 'Force Touch' to the screen, which can distinguish between gentle and more forceful touches.

Already in place on the Apple Watch, the addition will allow greater control in everything from gaming to photography.

It will take better selfies

iPhone 6

A criticism of the iPhone 6 is the obvious decrease in quality between the back and front cameras, so Apple is looking to appease serial selfie-lovers by upgrading the front-facing camera to a whopping five mega-pixel model.

The main camera will also be getting an upgrade, with 4K video and 240fps slow-mo capabilities.

It will have faster internet

iPhone Buyers

If reports over at uSwitch are correct, the new processing chip could offer 4G LTE connection at up to twice the normal speed.

In layman's terms, you'll be able to upload your new Tinder pic even quicker than ever before, in more locations than ever before. You big flirt.

It won't break (hopefully)

Broken iPhone

The 6S will use a stronger brand of metal: the Terminator-sounding 7000 Aluminium, which is already used on the Apple Watch.

The claim is that it's 60 percent stronger than normal aluminium and a third as dense as stainless steel - but whether that will survive a drunken Friday night it is a different story.

It will come out in September

iPhone 6 Queue

September 18th, if you believe what the guys at Gizmodo are saying. They're basing their reports on some apparent insider info supplied by the company that manufactures Apple's devices.

Better get in line.



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