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Review of the HTC One


It’s a case of back to square one with the appropriately named HTC, in the best possible sense.

Good: Super fast, gorgeous screen

Bad: Camera isn't all that

Price: Dependant on contract

This is a pocket-dweller of epic proportions. Take its brain: a 1.7Ghz quad-core processor purrs away inside a hand-hugging case of curved metal and glass. The results are blistering, the One gobbling up routine tasks like browsing emails or loading picture-heavy websites with ease. From watching HD films to editing your own videos, the outlandish power of the One belittled those chores that strain other devices.

But no one drops the size of their processor into polite conversation: it’s the One’s 4.7inch screen that really generates social kudos. There are numbers to stuff down your throat (1,920x1,080 resolution, 468 pixels per inch), but the bottom line is this: the One's explosive colours and glorious contrast thrashes the likes of the iPhone 5 into a pulp of jagged edges and bland images. You'll struggle to find a better screen on a smartphone.

The One is also a pleasure to live with. Running Android, HTC have added their BlinkFeed party piece: a swipeable tile screen that aggregates your favourite news sources and social updates. The ‘beats audio’ system is certainly a marked improvement over other inbuilt smartphone speakers, particularly in terms of maximum volume, but it won't be powering your next houseparty. Likewise, the ‘UltraPixel’ camera won’t knock your socks off, but does offer some nice features, such as the ability to capture a string of instant shots and chose from the best.

If we've not been clear, we were very taken by the HTC One. If you're looking to splash out on a phone that won't get tired after 18 months, the One is the one.

You can buy the HTC One here

(Images: HTC)



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