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Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones


We could have sworn that Bowers & Wilkins were the agency that represented our uncle in that misunderstanding with the tax office, but it turns out they’re actually a British manufacturer of sumptuous audio equipment. Their P7 headphones were the biggest hint.

Good: So good they makes you want to listen to all your favourite albums again

Bad: Price

Price: £329.99

The P7s wouldn't look out of place on the plush mahogany desk of a highly paid law type. The thick, sumptuous leather headband is good enough to snuggle up to, while the vast over-ear pads mould comfortably to the shape of your head. It’s a comfortable fit, and creates an air-tight seal around your ear – ensuring no sounds bleed in or out. You can reach frighteningly loud volumes without anyone knowing you're rocking out to B*Witched.

The P7s are unlike anything we’ve ever tested before: these aren’t headphones, but headspeakers, generating improbably tight sounds. Every aspect of their tone is close to perfect, coping admirably with bass-heavy electro or gentle acoustic affairs. It’s the sort of sound quality that makes you notice new subtleties in your favourite songs. Take a call using its in-line mobile mic and you'll think your friend's voice is coming from within your own head (deeply unsettling).

But for £329.99, we’d have been disappointed if the P7s hadn’t blown us away. These are luxury on-the-go headphones, with a high price tag thankfully matched by its audio qualities. Be sure you put the P7s on your Christmas list.



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