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Bold Australian denim hits Britain

As residents of a sun-starved nation where umbrellas have to be prised from our pessimistic fingers, it makes sense to take our warm-weather style cues from hotter destinations. So, as the summer months approach and wafts of barbecue fill the air, the arrival of a fashion brand born on the beaches of Sydney is news to raise an icy cider to.

Founded in 2000 by surfers Dan Single and George Gorrow, designer denim specialist Ksubi (pronounced “soobie”) is nothing new. But its eye-catching coloured-denim range Ksubi Kolors makes its UK debut this month after a wildly popular Australian run in 2004.

Hoping the sun will bring out your inner sartorial adventurer, the jeans come in a range of intense shades including overdye white, primary blue and overdye red. There’s also aged pink, aged yellow and aged green for a more understated, elegantly washed-out look.

Fittingly for a label known for its snugly tailored fit, Ksubi Kolors come in two distinct styles. There’s Chitch, a high-rise stretch fit with a gently narrowing leg, and there’s Van Winkle, a low-rise super-skinny look for the pipe-cleaner-limbed.

Available exclusively through Selfridges at £140 each, they’re the perfect way to guarantee a bright summer — even if you do still need to keep that brolly to hand.

(Check out the goodies below and watch this video.)



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