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Who won the internet this weekend: Lewis Hamilton Or This Sweary Scotsman


Both at home and abroad, we Brits showed what we’re made of this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton secured another top spot on the track, while a guy in Glasgow lost track of what was going on.

Their reactions were both golden, but whose was better?


The F1 driver is on the cusp of making history by becoming one of the only British driver to win the Formula 1 world championships three times after winning at the Sochi Grand Prix yesterday.

But that’s not what we’re worried about at the moment.

Not one to shy away from podium antics, Hamilton celebrated by spraying Vladimir Putin with champagne.

Following the national anthem, Hamilton popped open a magnum in his usual style and managed to soak the back of Putin’s suit as he walked off-stage. And now Twitter is worried for his safety.


This weekend saw the demolition of Glasgow’s Red Road flats in pretty spectacular fashion.

The six remaining towers were set to be pulled down via explosion and a bunch of residents were pretty excited about the spectacle, including this Scottish legend who planned his entire day around it and missed it.

Thankfully his potty mouth makes up for everything.

Barry explained that the reason he missed the entire thing because ‘my missus was running about as a wasp was chasing her so [she] distracted [me].’

But our man wasn’t the only one that messed up, the Glasgow Housing Association only managed to fully bring down four of the six towers, so maybe he can catch the next show.

Here’s what he missed. 




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