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This is clear proof that Donald Trump is sent from hell to destroy us all


In what can only be described as the behaviour of a soul-eating hell-beast, here's presidential wannabe Donald Trump eating a slice of pizza... completely the wrong way around. 

Let's recap: the man that wants to run the most powerful country on Earth eats delicious pizza like some sort of fiend spat from the deepest bowls of the underworld, sent to bathe our planet in flames and torture and suffering. Like a demon thrown amongst us by Satan to destroy all that's holy. Like an absolute monster. Like a sadist. Like nothing we've seen before. Like evil. 

Let's look at some facts here. ONE: That pizza has been, inarguably, turned upside down. TWO: You know what sounds a lot like 'crust' - the part Trump's wrongly gnawing through first? Cross. Cross sounds like crust. And THREE: what do you get when you turn a cross the wrong way around? You get The Omen. You get The Exorcist. You get Beelzebub walking the Earth. You get the end of days. 

Some may say this is just a old school advert in which Pizza Hut tried a new way to market their wares. But we know otherwise. 

And don't even get us started on the UK equivalent, featuring a fresh-faced Jonathan Ross and supermodel Caprice:

Someone, please, call a priest. 


Pic: BFA/REX/Shutterstock



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