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This video of a dog saving a baby deer from drowning will make your heart feel joy again


A truth not acknowledged universally enough: we don’t deserve dogs. We do not deserve them. We all think they’re cute, yeah, but aside from being 12/10 adorable, dogs are full-hearted bundles of pure, wholesome goodness, and we don’t take the time to appreciate that enough.

Take this guy, for example: Storm, a golden retriever from Long Island, who literally SAVED A TINY BABY DEER FROM DROWNING. The very definition of a good boy. 

Owner Mark Freeley told US news outlet WCBS-TV that he was having a lazy Sunday morning walk when they spotted the deer. Storm subsequently “plunged into the water, started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed [it] by the neck and started swimming to shore.”

Storm then proceeded to lay down next to the deer and “started nudging it, started pulling it to make sure she was going to be OK”, which is possibly the cutest thing that’s happened in human and animal history.

The deer is now recovering at a local animal sanctuary (in a cot, as you can see from the offensively adorable video below), and Storm is officially the goodest of Good Boys. 

Let’s start a petition for all future new to be like this. No more wars or terrorist attacks or politics or crime, just stories about dogs saving baby deer from rivers. I predict the world would be roughly 1200% better for it.

Glad we’re agreed.



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