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The BBC Facebook account just shut down an ignorant commenter

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Watching the BBC smash down a random member of the British public and destroy the very core of his being was a previously unheard of pleasure. Now, we hope it will become an every day occurence, after the stiff-upper-lipped institution took to Facebook to shoot down a rather silly comment. 

Graham Sclater (more like C U later, amirite, guys?) commented on a BBC politics story about the FTSE, saying: "I saw no mention on the news about this===================". Yes, those are 19 equals signs in a row. Yes, we just typed those out. 


Apart from, you know, not to press the equals key 19 times, Graham forgot one thing. He was commenting on a news story about said news story not being on the news, on a news site's Facebook page.

The BBC, having a canny eye for this sort of thing, noticed at once. 


Their killer comment read: "You are commenting on a news story about it, and it was on the 6 o'clock news". BOOM. 

Now that, more than all the episodes of Downtown Abbey combined, is worth our licence fee. 

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