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If you own one of these super-rare £2 coins you could make more than £1,000


It’s time to open your wallet, turn out your pockets, and tip over that novelty pint glass you’ve been saving random coins in, because there’s another rare-as-fuck coin in town. A one-tone £2 coin has been found and experts say it could be worth up to 650 times more than the price that’s stamped into its very face, with estimates running it as high as £1,300.


While the coin has not yet been taken to the coin auction – which we can only presume is an incredibly fun place that looks like Scrooge McDuck’s vault – experts say the coin’s odd look is similar to one found in another super-rare coin, a silver 2p, that was found earlier this year and was estimated to be worth £1,350.


The coin, which could be worth up to £1,300

The £2 error ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ coin – so called in reference to the coin’s inscription featuring the famed quote from Sir Isaac Newton in a letter to his fellow-scientist Robert Hooke, rather than so-so fourth Oasis album – was stamped only with nickel brass. Regular £2 coins feature a central-section, the inner cupro-nickel disc, made from 75% copper and 25% nickel.

The coin has also been confirmed legit by the Royal Mint, who in a letter said: “What looks to have happened is that an un-pierced blank has somehow been struck between two pound dies.” Exciting, right?

GoCompare’s Coining It In told a reviled national newspaper: “We have only come across four or five similar coins, none of which have been £2 coins”.

“There are very few coins to compare it with but as the coin has been authenticated by the Royal Mint it this makes this coin particularly interesting to collectors or error coin enthusiasts.”

So while coins like this are extremely rare, if you happen to come across one, then you’re laughing for sure.

Best clear your busy social schedule and check your pockets tonight, you could be quids in.



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